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What's up?!? I'm CJ

Founder of THRIVE ON LIFE, where we are on a journey to help other mission-based people, brands, and businesses THRIVE

Things I love...

My wife Erin. Go check out her page or watch one of our Honest Conversations.

Video Production on my YouTube Channel- tune in. 

Entrepreneurship - let’s connect and make things happen! DM me on IG. 

Community - join the Gym I am affiliated with at Squatch Frontier Fitness or the men's group I am apart of at Men We Admire.

Public Speaking - I love to speak to young professionals and businesses on leadership, team building, and community. Checkout the speaking agency I work with MII Professional Speaking.

Fitness - try some of my workouts and tag me @thriveonfit … also #staytuned for our community workouts, you will meet amazing people there! Here’s an example of the vibe

Nutrition - I have celiac disease, so nutrition is critical to me. The micronutrient test panel by was a life changer for me.


Vitamin Therapy- I have changed my health and immune system around with frequent vitamin drip therapy at the MSW Lounge. 

Mindset - Meditate with me and the birds every morning! 

Books - Here is what I am currently reading

Podcasting - tune in to the THRIVE ON LIFE Podcast

Pushing my limits - My current mile PR is 5:04, I can bench press 100+ lbs over my weight, I do backflip burpees, and work to build multiple businesses at a time. I say this because I LOVE IT and it is fun to me. If it is fun to you too, let’s connect!!!

Traveling - I absolutely love to travel and test out living in new places. Hit me up and let me know where I should go next!

Modeling - see portfolio.

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