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The Power of the Underdog Mentality

When the odds are against you, how do you show up in the world?

Are you the type of person that finds every reason to give up before you even get started?

Or do you accept the challenge head on?

I have known people who represent each of the above.

The former gets little out of life.

And the latter comes out THRIVING.

Of course I strive to be the latter as much as possible.

I hope you do the same!

To start this year, I had an impactful discussion with Alec Alvarez and was reminded how powerful the underdog mindset can be for building momentum in life.

On Episode 229 of the THRIVEONLIFE Podcast, he speaks about how he leveraged the underdog mindset to conquer obstacles, and accomplish achievements that many may have deemed unrealistic for him.

One of my favorite stories on the show is about how even though he is on the shorter side of the spectrum for males (much like me), he was able to become an accomplished soccer goalie.

The story hit home because I vividly remember when I was the diminutive kid trying to make the varsity soccer team as a freshmen.

I was "too small."

I wasn't "ready."

I would get hurt.

On and on and on about "why I couldn't."

What did that do to my spirit?

I got fucking angry.

And hungry to succeed like a starving underdog.

And 4 years later, as captain of the team, I helped guide an underdog team through multiple rounds of the playoffs, earned second team all-state, and scored the lone goal for my side in the New Jersey All-State game.

A goal that would get me recruited to play in college.

Today, I no longer play the sport.

But that chip on my shoulder...

The underdog in me...

He is still there.

He shows up everyday that I wake up.

And I want to thank Alec for reminding me how much I should appreciate this mindset that was instilled in me long ago.

To hear how Alec has leveraged his underdog mentality, I'd love for you to go watch and listen to the full discussion I had with him.

And if you like what you hear, please share it with all the underdogs that you know!!!

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