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Would you spend 10k on a Sauna?

Most people I assume would answer "no" to the question I asked in the title.

Their gut reaction is "woahhh that is a lot of money."

My response...

"Hmmm maybe 10k is or isn't a lot of money to you, but you're going to spend that money anyway so it might as well be for something good!

Let's analyze why I make this ^^^ statement.

Here are some quick data points from a general Google search.

Feel free to look up this stuff yourself if you are intrigued.

Data Point 1

Data Point 2

Did you know that Americans spend an average of $583 a year on alcohol?

Data Point 3

Americans spend more on prescription drugs -- average costs are about $1,300 per person per year -- than anyone else in the world. It's true that they take a lot of pills.

Data Point 4

When you zoom out, you start to realize that the majority of people are spending WAYYYY more money on unhealthy habits, than they are on a 10k sauna.

Maybe I convinced you with this information to look into your habits and adjust where you spend your hard earned money.

Or maybe I didn't.

Regardless, I'd love for you to start thinking about zooming out on your life to help you make more robust decisions.

Also, if you'd love to know the story behind why I spent 10k on my backyard sauna, check out the video below where I go over why this sauna was a mandatory purchase for my wife and I, how I built it, and the positive impact it can have on improving our health over the long run.


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Feb 11, 2023

VERY COOL!!! Beautiful job and well worth the $10k!

CJ Finley
CJ Finley
Feb 12, 2023
Replying to

It means a lot that you would take the time to read/watch and leave a comment. I agree with you, WELL WORTH the money. Health = wealth.

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